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The Excel G-Modular

Design, convenience and comfort. That’s what the Excel G-Modular stands for. This wheelchair is easy and quick to set up to every users needs. The Excel G-Modular is an easily adjustable prescriptive chair that gives the impression of being a truly bespoke product. The adjustable components are colour coded so the attendant and the end user have the instant know-how to adjust the chair to the users specific needs.

The Excel G-Modular series is compatible with our Silver Seating upholstery range.


Specifications Excel G-Modular

Total length: 101 cm
Total width: 63 cm
Total height: 93 ↔ 101 cm
Seat width: 35, 37½, 40, 42½, 45, 50 and 55 cm
Seat depth: 40, 42½, 45, 47½, 50 and 52½ cm
Seat height: 48, 50½, 53, 55½ and 58 cm (seat height includes cushion)
Backrest height: 39, 41½ and 44 cm
Total weight: 19 kg (transportable weight: 12 kg)
User weight: Max. 135 kg
Available colour(s): Silver


The Excel G-Modular is a foldable, lightweight, compact wheelchair, with it’s aluminium frame it makes maneuverability and storage even easier. It is possible to fold the Excel G-Modular in one swift move. Simply take the front and the back of the seat sling, pull upwards to make the frame fold in one easy manoeuvre. The Excel G-Modular isn’t just foldable to reduce the size for transportation with the quick release foot rests and rear wheels removed that ensures the Excel G-Modular fits in the boot of most cars.

 Seat depth adjustment

We want the Excel G-Modular to be renowned for its easy seat depth adjustment.
The change of depth is done in four easy steps.

- Strip back the upholstery;
- Unscrew the star knob;
- Set the desired depth;
- Re-tighten the star knob.

 Easily adjustable

The Excel G-Modular is equipped with a unique and simple seating system which ensures the Excel G-Modular can be tailored to any users needs, the unique seating system is simple to re-configure the seat height and depth can be changed in 15 - 20 minutes.

 User friendly

The Excel G-Modular can be adjusted even by least technically minded of people. The Excel G-Modular was designed with the adjustable parts clearly marked in orange so you can have complete confidence where to make any changes. You can see from one single glance the adjustments that are available: footrests, armrests, backrest height, seat depth, seat height. So many options geared towards user comfort.screen-shot-2018-03-07-at-14-27-20.png


Tension bar

Due to customer feedback we have updated the design of the backrest by adding a tension bar. This reduces flex and improves comfort while seated. We have upgraded the tension bar by adding a push button locking system.


Tension adjustable backrest

The Excel G-Modular upholstery is equipped with 8 tensions straps, which, when used in conjunction with our nylon padded backrest, the comfort that any user requires can be achieved. As further commitment to our need for user comfort we have included an angle adjustable backrest on the Excel G-Modular, the backrest can be easily adjustedfrom 85° - 105° in 5° increments. All you have to do is; loosen the Allen bolt, set the backrest to desired angle and tighten.


Push handles

Even for the attendant we have thought about comfort! The push handles are equipped with ergonomic hand grips which increase grip and comfortability while pushing the wheelchair. The Euro version has height adjustable push handles with an upgraded insertion tube. The upgrade consists of a moulded nylon insert which stops the handle rotating in its housing is also completely removes friction when changing the height and stops degradation of the paint finish.



The armrests of the Excel G-Modular are height & depth adjustable so the comfort of any user can be achieved. In addition to the height and depth adjustment, the armrests flip back, or, are completely removable for negotiating desks and side transfer, so, the Excel G-Modular provides a suitable solution for everyone.

Seat height adjustment

The seat height is easily adjustable at the front and back by either the rear axle bush being moved up/down the bracket, or, at the front; the castor moved up the fork itself. This is a very easy operation to carry out by simply using the Allen key supplied with your wheelchair.

 Seat cushion

The Excel G-Modular seat cushion has an upgrade from our standard spec. We have introduced a comfortable, stain resistant nylon cover. Easy to install, easy to remove.


Another aspect of the Excel G-Modular we have upgraded is the footrests; we have added a contoured hanger and insertion tube to stop the foot plate rotating when in place. We have also added another fixing point within the footrest tube. This enables the user to set the footrests even more accurately. 


The footrests of the Excel G-Modular are also multi-functional. With their width and angle adjustability it gives the user more ways to achieve maximum comfort. The width and angles are easily altered by a simple Allen bolt.


Thanks to an improved, robust cross frame the extra stability of the Excel G-Modular really a makes a difference to the user experience.


With the adjustable elements being colour coded and the seat ‘clicking into place’ you cannot be more confident the adjustments are being carried out correctly.


Do you want to upgrade from the standard seat and backrest upholstery? That is even easier with our new system, Working with Silver Seating we can ensure that the Excel G-Modular really does feel like it has been created with just you in mind.


Not comfortable enough? We can remedy that. The G-Modular is compatible with our renowned Silver Seating range of cushions and backrests, to guarantee total comfort. Simple but original ideas.


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