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Mobility Scooters in Folkestone

If you are looking for a mobility scooter that suits your needs and budget, you might want to check out Folkestone Mobility's range of mobility scooters. They have a variety of models, from lightweight and portable to heavy-duty and comfortable, that can help you get around with ease and independence. Whether you need a scooter for short trips or long journeys, you can find one that meets your requirements at Folkestone Mobility.

Mobility scooters in our Folkestone Showroom. Both new and used mobility scooters

Folkestone Mobility also offers pre-owned mobility scooters that are fully serviced and tested before being sold. You can save money and still enjoy the benefits of a quality mobility scooter that has been well maintained and cared for. Plus, if you have an old scooter that you want to trade in, you can do so at Folkestone Mobility. They accept part exchanges and offer fair prices for your old scooter.

Another option that Folkestone Mobility provides is finance. If you don't have enough cash to buy a mobility scooter outright, you can apply for finance and pay in monthly instalments. Folkestone Mobility has partnered with reputable lenders to offer flexible and affordable finance plans that suit your budget and circumstances. You can choose the amount, term and interest rate that work best for you.

Folkestone Mobility is your one-stop shop for mobility scooters. Visit their website or showroom today and see for yourself their range of mobility scooters. You can also contact them for more information or to book a free home demonstration.