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4 Wheel Rollators

4 Wheel Rollators

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4-wheel rollators are an excellent choice for individuals facing balance or walking difficulties, offering remarkable support and stability.

These mobility aids are designed with four sturdy wheels, providing enhanced maneuverability and reducing the risk of falls. The four wheels ensure better weight distribution and offer a wider base of support, making them ideal for individuals with balance issues.

Additionally, one of the standout features of 4-wheel rollators is the inclusion of a comfortable seat. This added convenience allows users to take regular breaks and rest when needed, offering a sense of security and promoting longer walks. With the combination of reliable stability, easy maneuverability, and the presence of a seat, 4-wheel rollators provide a practical and versatile solution for individuals with balance or walking difficulties.

Most of these models are available to try in our Folkestone Showroom which is located near Sainsbury's. Our service areas include Canterbury, Folkestone, Dover, Deal, New Romney, Ashford, Hythe, Lyminge and surrounding areas.

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